Our ECU Remapping Service

As a Top Gear Tuning Dealer, we work with the most up to date equipment on the market.

Not only can we increase your engine power but whilst doing this we can also increase your average miles per gallon by up to 25%. 

We also have the capability of removing EGR valves and DPF's from the system to provide trouble free driving.

For more information on what we can do to unlock your engine potential please contact us for accurate figures 

Our Remapping Software

With our Kess V2 Slave remapping just got a lot easier. The easy to use device allows us to plug into your ECU via the OBD port and safely modify the existing ECU file to gain more performance and torque. 

Although our files are 100% safe, our files come with the option to put a warranty on your vehicle to cover the electronics behind the remap for the customers piece of mind. 


With our new RaceChip which is easily installed into every vehicle, you can have the choice of 3 stages of your remap. Economy, Sport and Race. 

These setting are changeable from the RaceChip itself or via your smart phone so you can change the file with so much ease before you head off on your journey