Charity and Fundraising at CRU Motorsport have always had a passion for giving back to communities and those less fortunate. 

We want to give back to the UK community by raising funds to help our project of getting under privileged young people and people with disabilities into motorsport.

We started our company with the vision of getting more people into motorsport by hiring out our various race cars and providing motorsport services to the motorsport community. We have had great success with this and are now looking to get potential champions into racing full time.

There are so many people in the UK with the potential to become champions within motorsport, but they just cannot find the funding or sponsorship to fulfil their dream and passion. Therefore, we have created this project to ensure we can help with the funding of getting people behind the wheel of a race car either in E-sports, track, rally/rallycross, or open wheel racing. 

Working closely with a few charities, we intend to choose 3-4 candidates in 2022 and get them into racing as soon as possible. Our selected candidates will partake in various simulation races using a professional racing simulator to see if they are more suited for track or rally and push them in an intense driving course on their chosen selection. They will then take part in the championship of their chosen category fully funded.

With our drivers seated in their race vehicle lined up on the grid ready to hit first gear and start their great career in motorsport, dedicated teams within our company would have ensured they got there. With our fantastic project we also have various job roles opening to ensure the vehicles and driver are ready for everything. The jobs this project will create will be dedicated to unemployed personnel who suffer with a disability and mental health problems which limit them to getting work. Full training and qualifications will be given to help get them back on their feet and in a steady career path. 


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Race Simulator Championships

Taking part in not only UK championships but also World championships we will fully train our very own race team made up of both men and women who suffer disabilities which prevents them racing in a race car.

Promoting disabilities in motorsport and finding the next champions 

One of our biggest aims is to safely promote disabilities in motorsport. Ensuring our competitors are physically and mentally fit for competing in a race car we will really push them to their full ability within themselves and the car and prove that just because someone has a disability they can still be a motorsport champion. 

Giving young people the opportunity to succeed in a life of motorsport

With child poverty increasing dramatically throughout the UK, we want to give some young individuals who are currently living in poverty an opportunity of a lifetime and pursue a career in motorsports. From as young as 14 years old, these young individuals can start a fantastic career in various motorsports, racing low powered cars in a more structured and safer environment so they compete and learn all about racing and the cars at the same time. 

We would love for you to support this project with by donating a small amount to help change the lives of people with disabilities and children living in poverty. 

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